League Rules

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Play will be in accordance with the Canadian Curling Association rules. Teams cannot agree to waive any of the Club rules listed in this section.

  1. Start Times and Penalties: First rock to be thrown by the scheduled start time. If a team is late by 5 minutes, the non-offending team receives 1 point, will have hammer and choice of color. One end is considered completed. If the start of play is delayed by a total of 15 minutes or more, another point will be awarded and 2 ends will be considered completed. If you are unable to field a legal team after 25 minutes you must forfeit the game.
  2. Buzzer: Buzzer will sound 5 minutes after scheduled start times. At 8:20 P.M. and 10:40 P.M. it will sound to tell you to finish the end you are playing and complete one more end. An end has not started until the first rock has reached the near Tee Line. All playoff games will be 8 end games with an extra end if required i.e. no buzzer for playoffs.
  3. Score Sheets: Your season series against each team will be worth the same total points. Those points will be distributed equally over the number of games you play against each other. Thirds should mark “W” for a win, “T” for a tie and “L” for a loss on the score sheet immediately after your game.
  4. Notice of Cancellation: If you cannot field a team (at least two registered players and at least one spare) for a scheduled game, you must forfeit the game. No makeup games are permitted. PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR OPPOSITION AND LEAGUE COORDINATOR AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT BE PLAYING.
  5. Spares: For all League and Playoff games you must play with at least two registered team members. Spares can play any position other than skip but cannot play in a higher position than the regular position of the individual they are replacing.
    • Please identify any spares to the opposing skip prior to the game.
    • Spares can hold the broom and/or call the game
    • Only men are allowed to spare in the Monday Men’s League
    • Only women are allowed to spare in the Tuesday Ladies League
    • In the Mixed Leagues a team must consist of male and female players in alternating positions unless forced to play with only 3 registered players in which case they can play their normal positions
    • No gender restrictions apply to the Open Leagues

    For All League Play: Players from other teams can be used as spares during regular league play only.
    For Playoffs In All Leagues: Individuals listed with a team are ineligible to spare for any other team in the same league for the entire playoffs.

  6. Additional Team Members: Up until Feb. 1 you can add members to your team by just informing your league coordinator. After Feb. 1, the curling executive must approve any roster changes. No changes will be allowed after the playoffs begin. All team members must have a current community membership!
  7. Free Guard Zone: Any stationary stone(s) belonging to the opposition that is located within the free guard zone shall not be removed from play prior to the delivery of the fifth stone of an end. If an opposition “free guard” is inadvertently removed from play, either directly or indirectly, all rocks must be replaced as close as possible to their original position and the delivered stone removed.
  8. Burned Rocks: Between the tee line at the delivering end and the hog line at the playing end, if a moving stone is touched (burned) the touched stone is removed from play immediately. Inside the hog line at the playing end, if a rock is touched (burned) the rock must be allowed to continue and the non-offending team has the following options: a) allow the play to stand or b) remove the touched stone and replace all affected stones as close as possible to their original position or c) placing the touched stone and all stones it would have affected where they reasonably consider the stones would have come to rest had the violation not occurred.
  9. Exhibition Game: The first game of the season will be an exhibition game with no points awarded.
  10. Should 2 or more teams be tied in total points at the end of league play, the following Guidelines are used to determine their final ranking:
    1st – Points in all games against each other.
    2nd – Number of total wins.
    3rd – Whichever team(s) lost to the lowest ranked team will be ranked the lowest.
    Once 1 or 2 teams can be ranked, start over with the first guideline to break any remaining ties.