NOTE:  We are currently working on our 2017/2018 Bonspiel schedule.  We will post information as soon as dates and details are finalized.


For additional information or to register for any of our events, please send email to


  1. All games will be 8 ENDS (including semi-finals and finals). Tie games will go to an extra end.
  2. We are following Canadian Curling Rules; the 4 rock free guard zone rule is in effect.
  3. Each team must register with 4 curlers. Spares may play any position other than SKIP and cannot be from any other team registered in the bonspiel.
  4. If you lose a player part way through a game, you must finish with 3 curlers. You cannot bring in a spare part way through a game.
  5. Player rotation may change for each new game, BUT NOT DURING A GAME.
  6. For any discrepancies or unforeseen circumstances, please contact a member of the curling executive for a final ruling.
  7. Cash prize payouts will depend on the number of teams entered.

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