CURLING TIPS & ETIQUETTE                                                                                        Print  

  1. To speed up play please DO NOT pull out the oppositions rocks.

  2. Shoes must be CLEAN. Replace grippers regularly. Old grippers leave tiny black beads on the ice, often responsible when a rock "picks".

  3. Only the Thirds should be in the house when a rock is being measured.

  4. Lift your hand off the ice after delivering a stone; a warm hand takes the pebble off the ice to leave dead spots.

  5. Cool your slider down on the sides of the ice before a practice slide to prolong the pebble in the glide area.

  6. When a rock is "BURNED", before the hog line it is removed immediately. If it is burned inside the hog line, all rocks must be allowed to come to rest so the opposing skip can exercise the appropriate options as per the CCA rules. (See rule number 8).

  7. The 8-foot measuring stick may be used on the free guard zone stones to determine if a stone is in the house or not.

  8. No Food. No Smoking. No Drinks allowed on the ice.

  9. FOR THE LATE DRAW, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE ICE AREA UNTIL ALL SHEETS HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND "NIPPED". Failure to do so will result in the nipper no longer being used for the late draw.

Good Curling!