Thursday Mixed

Our Thursday Mixed league will play at 7:00 PM draw times each week. Each team must consist of two male and two female players alternating positions unless forced to play with only 3 registered players, in which case they can play their normal position.  The aggregate winners of our Wednesday and Thursday Mixed leagues will playoff, the winner will represent Chestermere in the City Championships.

Spares: You must play with at least two registered team members and a maximum of 2 spares per team. Spares cannot play in a higher position than the regular position of the individual they are replacing. Spares may play any position but SKIP.

Our season begins the week of October 1, 2017, we have posted this season’s schedule below.  Standings will be posted on the bulletin board at the curling rink.  Please remember to update the standings on the bulletin board after each game.

Click Here for the 2017 – 2018 Thursday Playoff Draw

Click Here for the 2017 – 2018 Thursday Mixed Schedule

For more information, please contact our League Coordinator at