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Chestermere Curling Association Casino Event
Thank-you to the following Curlers for signing up to volunteer to satisfy our Curling Club Casino Commitment on October 31st and November 1st 2016;

Marla Forth, Trevor Nociar, Brian Nociar, Bob Johnson, Wendy Johnson, Don Johnson, Karen Ancelet, Nick Woronuk, Sharon Woronuk, Ron Forth, Arlene Ladds, Sylvia Adams, Andy Hamel, Dan Jenkins, Mardi Oel, Teresa Hides, Pam Fraser, Tommy Fleger, Sharon Colvin, Alvin Heck, Wolfgang Janke, Judy Christianson, Miles Christianson, John Van Schyndel, Lisa Kluck, John Kluck, Keith Adams, Deb Ashton, Shirley Handel, Mike Spies, Gary Davis, Stephen Bart, Maurice Durocher, Klaus Schroll & Doreen Moore.

Spares or Individuals who would like to Join a Team
If you are looking for a team, know of new people who would like to join a team, OR if you would like to put your name on the Spare list, please send an email to with names, contact information, which leagues and positions the players are interested in and whether the players would like to join a team or be put on the Spare list. Also if you are looking for a player to complete your team, we will have a list of players who are looking to join a team at our Registration Meeting.




The Chestermere Curling Association Name was registered in December of 1985 when it was changed from the Chestermere Men's Club.

The Chestermere Curling Club curled out of the Indus Curling Rink for the 1985/1986 Season.

Construction of the Chestermere Curling Rink started in January 1986 - Photos

Official Opening of the Chestermere Curling Rink was November 1986 - Photos

3 sets of our rocks were purchased from the Beiseker Curling Club and 1 set was purchased from the Indus Curling Club.

Our first Men's bonspiel was held in February 1987 - Photos

Grand Opening of the Chestermere Curling Rink was held in November of 1987.

The 25th Anniversary Bonspiel was held November 5th and 6th, 2011 - Photos

1st Annual Amazing Race was held Sept 20th, 2014 and the Chestermere Curling Club was a Challenge Host - Photos



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