DUTIES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                        Print  


  • Prepare Agenda for all regular and annual general meetings.
  • Will chair all meetings.
  • Is responsible for liaison between the Chestermere Curling Association and the CRCA General Manager.
  • Will have joint signing authority with the Treasurer for all bank accounts of the Chestermere Curling Association.
  • Inform CRCA General Manager or have secretary contact CRCA General Manager to book the curling ice for our start date, curling clinic, 3 open bonspiels etc. As well book the Hall for our wind up banquet and the Blue & White rooms for our Saturday night meals for our 3 open bonspiels.
  • Help with registration on Energize night which is usually set for the first Wednesday in September.
  • Assist the Vice-President in preparation of grant applications as per executive decision.
  • Assign someone to get quotes for a caterer for our 3 bonspiel meals and wind up banquet. This should be done in November.
  • Present prize payout amounts for aggregate and league winners to executive in January or February for discussion of any changes in the amounts.
  • Distribute Nomination forms for next years Board Members to all coordinators to give to their respective rinks.
  • Master of Ceremonies at wind up banquet for prize giveaways.
  • Attend and participate in monthly meetings.
  • Assist the President with his/her responsibilities.
  • Will apply for any available grants as per executive decision and do oral presentation when required with the assistance of the President. Rec. board Grant applications are usually due early in November.
  • Take on any duties of the President should the President be unavailable.
  • Take accurate minutes of monthly meetings should the secretary be absent.
  • Help with registration on Energize night. Usually Energize night is set for the first Wednesday in September.
  • Be prepared to take on the Presidents position when the President steps down.
  • Attend and participate in monthly meetings.
  • Will have custody and preparation of all financial records.
  • Present Treasurers report at each meeting including a balance sheet and income statement showing a detailed account of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Present profit/loss statements for each Open Bonspiel and any other function of the association, ex. Turkey Shoot, Wind Up Banquet etc.
  • Responsible for the collection and deposit of all fees paid to the association and for deposit of all monies collected by fundraising or otherwise.
  • Monitor association investments, if any.
  • Manage the Chestermere Curling Association Casino Account.
  • Try to attend a GAIN session (Gaming information for Charitable Groups).
  • Will have joint signing authority with the President for all bank accounts of the Chestermere Curling Association and will be responsible for payment and recording of all bills, ice rentals, and other charges from the Chestermere Curling Association and others.
  • Help with registration and collecting Community Membership money on Energize night. Usually Energize night is set for the first Wednesday in September. Keep track of a list of teams that have registered and who has paid or has yet to pay. Determine how much is collected on behalf of the Chestermere Community Association included in the registration fees.
  • File Society Annual Return (end of May)
  • Attend, participate in and take accurate minutes at monthly meetings.
  • Provide a copy of minutes to the President prior to next meeting to assist him/her in making up the agenda for the next meeting, and email to the rest of the board to save time reading them at the next meeting.
  • Post on the Curling Bulletin Board the date and time of each monthly meeting.
  • Have custody of all the minutes and correspondence of the association.
  • Keeper of the access number for the curling club's use of the photocopier.
  • Advertise upcoming curling events Examples of news items are, Curling registration date (Energize night) for newcomers, Adult Curling Clinic for Beginners, Junior Curling start date, Chestermere Open Bonspiel dates, Turkey Shoot, any other Curling Functions.
  • Help with registration on Energize night. Prepare registration forms and a Newsletter for registering curlers. Usually Energize night is on the first Wednesday in September.
  • Ensure Draw master will be able to draft up the curling booklet and have it ready for distribution for the start of curling. A master booklet should be printed and have the reproduction, folding and stapling done by Staples Office Depot.
  • Pick up mail on a regular basis from curling mailbox in photocopy room of complex.
  • Post all Bonspiel Posters and any other notices meant for the viewing of the club as a whole, on the Curling Bulletin Board.
  • Make up posters advertising our bonspiels and post or mail to local rinks and Calgary rinks as per list attached. This should be done in October.
  • Ensure someone is assigned to make up tickets for wind up banquet. Post on curling bulletin Board details of wind up banquet (where to get tickets, price, date, time, request for door prize donations). This should be done prior to the start of playoffs (late February).
  • Help sell banquet tickets if needed.
  • Ensure someone will have trophy plaques engraved for wind up banquet, aggregate winners, A and B event winners in the playoffs as well the 3 open bonspiel winners and past presidents plaque - Contact Quality Trophies 272-6788. Also ensure someone will take photographs of the above mentioned winners and have copies made for our Chestermere Curling Club Photo Album as well as each of the winners.
  • Mail out Thank-you letters on Curling Club Letterhead to door prize donators etc.
  • There are lots of activities throughout the year that the secretary may need to help with such as helping to organize bonspiels, wind up etc.
Draw Master:
  • Choose dates for start up, bonspiels, curling clinic, turkey shoot, and wind up banquet. Bring these dates to the first meeting of the new executive (end of April or early May)
  • Contact local curling clubs to compare bonspiel dates so there are no major conflicts (Strathmore, Indus, Carseland, and Irricana).
  • Organize coordinators who may need to do phoning after Energize Night in order to drum up teams for the nights that are not full at 16 teams. This is especially important if there is an odd number of teams; we strive to reach an even number of teams in each league so there are no byes.
  • Draft up the curling booklet and have it ready for distribution for the start of curling. A master booklet should be printed and have the reproduction, folding and stapling done by Staples Office Depot.
  • Prepare playoff draws for each league and post on curling bulletin board a few weeks prior to regular season end.
  • Inform aggregate winners of the Managers Association Bonspiel date and times, if 1st place winners cannot field a team with at least 2 of their regular players then the 2nd place team should be notified.
League Coordinators:
  • Attend and participate in monthly meetings
  • Contact all skips from the previous season to make them aware of Pre-registration during the summer at the complex office and the Date & Time of Energize Night should they miss the Pre-registration, this call should be made in the latter part of August. (Do not rely on answering machine messages).
  • Help with registration on Energize night if available, usually 1st Wednesday in Sept. 6:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Contact all skips to inform them of their start date and time - make calls when draws are completed in late September or early October.
  • Communicate important information back to their group of curlers on the night they are the coordinator for.
  • Bring any concerns from their group of curlers to the Executive.
  • Help to promote our Chestermere Open Bonspiels among their respective curlers.
  • Coordinator should check to see that points are being recorded on the sheets posted on the bulletin board on the night of the game.
  • Tally points at regular season end, have results checked by another executive member, and contact all skips to make them aware of the date and time of their 1st Playoff game.
  • Help sell banquet tickets.
  • Possibly take a shift selling liquor tickets at the banquet.
Bonspiel Organizers:
  • Attend and participate in monthly meetings
  • Have your name and phone number on Bonspiel Posters.
  • Transfer any registrations you take over the phone onto the sign-up sheet on the curling bulletin board ensuring you get any concessions a team may require (no concessions given for Sat. or Sun. or two weeknights in a row). Once the sign-up sheet is nearly full then the sheet should be taken down and completely filled by phone calls. If short teams then all teams from the last few years should be called to check if they are available.
  • Ensure that the Blue&White room is booked for Saturday evening of the bonspiel for the meal.
  • Check with Bartenders as to whether bottles of wine will be for sale for the meal, and see if they will bring in pretzels or bits and bites for free for curlers.
  • In the case of the Ladies bonspiel ensure there is a theme for the party Sat. evening that occurs around 6:00 p.m after supper & before the final draw for the evening which could start at 7:30 or 8:00. Check on the whereabouts of the coveted Kleenex box.
  • Ensure Bonspiel Rules & Regulations Letter is drawn up, also meal tickets and free drink tickets, (4 drink tickets per team, if this is agreed upon to give out). Ensure Calcutta and double box envelopes, are made up and ready for distribution. Wolfgang will help with this if needed.
  • Organize the draw with the Draw master, which should be done at least 2 days prior to the bonspiel start date. Note: there must be 2 members of the executive present at the draw.
  • Inform the caterer for the bonspiel meal of the number of people to prepare for and confirm the menu, also be sure someone is listed to sell extra meal tickets in bonspiel letter and have the price listed.
  • Ensure someone is present, or be present, to take registration money and Calcutta money at the beginning of each draw in which there are new teams starting.
  • Ensure someone is present, or be present, to put out candy and double box envelope for each draw.
  • Make sure at least 2 square draw boards are made up and are being sold starting Thursday evening at the latest.
  • Ensure someone will make coffee ready in the Lounge Friday evening borrowing a CRCA 100 cup coffee urn (4 small styrofoam cups full of ground coffee for 100 cups water). Ask if rink staff could turn coffee urn on 1 1/2 hrs prior to first game scheduled Saturday morning.
  • Confirm that 5 dozen donuts will be delivered to the Lounge Saturday morning prior to 1st scheduled game, by either a donator or an executive member may purchase them with curling club funds.
  • Ensure the Treasurer has the cash prize amount values so cash prize envelopes can be prepared before the weekend of the Bonspiel. Or if actual prizes are to be given out they should be delivered to the Lounge Saturday morning prior to first team out of the Bonspiel occurs.
  • Usually one person can purchase the candy, coffee and Styrofoam cups to be used at all three bonspiels, or each can buy their own.
  • Confirm who will do prize presentations after the final game on Sunday afternoon.
  • Ensure someone will take photos of 1st place teams in each event as well get the names of each player of these teams for our Curling Club Photo Album. Photos should be lined up from the Photographers Left to Right, with the Skip on the Left then 3rd, 2nd, & Lead.
  • Ensure someone will fax or email an article and photos with the results of our Open Bonspiels (1st and 2nd place winners in each of the three events) to the Chestermere Anchor (fax# 403.901-2728 phone# 403.901-2770 email news@theanchor.ca ).