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Funds must be spent within 24 months of receipt of gaming proceeds. You must submit a detailed business case for approval from the Commission if you would like to carry the money beyond the 24 months.
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Excerpts from GAIN (Gaming Information for Charitable Groups) Manual

Page 21 - Sports Groups - Eligibility

  • deliver a structured, developmental, amateur sports program to the public on an individual or team basis; adult sports groups may be eligible if:
    • programs are open, advertised, and promoted to the general public;
    • basic eligibility requirements are met;
    • they deliver a structured and developmental youth program comprised of 75% youth; and,
    • they use a minimum of 50% of gaming proceeds on youth programs
Page 36 - Annual Donations within Alberta greater than $1,000 requires:
  • A written request from the donor group detailing the :
    • intended recipient's name and address
    • amount of the donation
    • purpose(s) for each donation
  • A written agreement provided by the donor group and signed by the recipient group, stating it will:
    • maintain a record of donations showing date, amount, source of donated funds and date, amount and purpose of disbursements
    • allow the Commission access to all records
  • A Statutory Declaration sworn by an executive member of the donor group that no group or individual will benefit from the recipient group as a result of the donation.
Page 38 - Facility - Eligible Use of Proceeds
  • Facility disbursements are Eligible if the Facility is owned by the group
Page 41 - Sports - Eligible Use of Proceeds
  • rental fees of a facility or venue for the group's sporting events
  • coaching/instructor fees if they are essential to the program delivery and their functions can't be performed by a volunteer ("Request to Use Gaming Proceeds to Pay Wages/Salaries" form must be submitted)
  • membership, registration, affiliation, or insurance fees to tournaments or governing bodies when those fees are related to a group's objectives.
  • adult sports groups with a youth component must use at least 50% of gaming proceeds on their youth programs.