2016\2017 Executive Committee

President: Nick Woronuk president@chestermerecurling.com

Vice President & Wednesday Mixed Coordinator: Dan Jenkins vicepresident@chestermerecurling.com

Treasurer: Denise Schmitz treasurer@chestermerecurling.com

Secretary: Sharon Woronuk secretary@chestermerecurling.com

Junior Coodinator: Marla Forth juniors@chestermerecurling.com

Men's Coordinator: Andy Hamel mens@chestermerecurling.com

Ladies Coordinator: Joanne Heck ladies@chestermerecurling.com

Thursday Mixed Coordinator:
Ron Forth thursmixed@chestermerecurling.com

Friday Open Coordinator: Karen Timmermans open@chestermerecurling.com

Sunday Learn to Curl Coordinator: Colin Nodwell beginneropen@chestermerecurling.com

Seniors Coordinator: Shirley Boitson seniors@chestermerecurling.com

General Meetings

Meetings of the Chestermere Curling Association will be held each month and everyone is welcome to attend. Details will be posted on our website and on the bulletin board at the complex.


Volunteer Information

All positions on our Executive Committee are filled by a dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly each season to ensure that the Chestermere Curling Association continues to thrive. Unlike the larger curling clubs, we do not have staff that can take care of the everyday details of running a curling program, these duties fall squarely on the shoulders of our volunteers.

We are actively seeking volunteers to help out with our Association as many of the current committee members have already served several years on the board. Without volunteers we simply cannot run our leagues and bonspiels each season. We are hoping that our members will step up and donate their time to help ensure the curling program in Chestermere continues to improve and grow in years to come.

We hope that you will consider volunteering for our board; it only takes a few hours a month. Even if you are unable to commit to taking on a Board position, we can always use help in organizing bonspiels, fund raising etc. Whatever you can do to help would be very much appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send email to volunteers@chestermerecurling.com.

Chestermere Recreation Centre


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