Association News

2017 – 2018 Season


We are eagerly anticipating our upcoming curling season, we have been given the go ahead to continue with 3 sheets of ice for the 2017/2018 season.  League play will begin October 2, 2017 and will continue weekly until the end of March 2018.  We look forward to another great year with fantastic ice conditions thanks to the Nociar Team of Ice Makers.  We are hoping to increase our numbers substantially this coming season to prove to the CRCA it is worth their while to remove the remaining hockey boards and give us back 4 sheets of ice for the 2018/2019 curling season.

We will be holding our Curling Registration meeting and AGM at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 for all Returning Teams.  Energizer night will be held on Wednesday September 6th, 2017 for all New Teams.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are asking all teams (New Teams and Returning Teams) who are interested in joining our leagues to REGISTER IN ADVANCE ONLINE starting July 1st.  You may Register Online right up until our Registration evenings occur, but you must have at least one member of your team present at our Registration Meeting/AGM on Sept 5th with payment for your entire team to finalize your Registration for Returning Teams, and New Teams must finalize their Registration with payment for their entire team on Energizer night Sept. 6th. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of our Registration evenings. Please see our REGISTRATION section for more details.

As in previous years, all players must purchase a 2017/2018 Chestermere Community Membership prior to the start of the Curling season.

New Teams and Players Wanted

All leagues have openings for new teams for our 2017/18 season, we are hoping to entice new players as well as those who have played in our leagues in the past to join us once again.

If you are an individual looking for a team, please REGISTER and we will try our best to place you on a team or at the very least, place you on our spare list.

If you would like to curl but don’t want to commit to a team, please REGISTER TO SPARE.

New Website Launched

Our new website has been officially launched, we hope you enjoy the new format.  If you see any errors or have any suggestions, comments or feedback regarding our online presence, please send email to